An exclusive 3-month men's group experience for retired athletes to get you back into your true nature as a man & into your Wheelhouse.


 Next Cohort: January 2023

Early Bird Applications Now Open!


Fellas! 💪🏽 Were you an elite athlete?


OK, now for some real questions...


I want you to be honest.
  • Are you not feeling quite like yourself?
  • Are you looking for accountability?
  • Feeling confused about your mental health?
  • Do you find yourself being emotionally reactive?
  • Do you wish you had a team of brothers again?
I’ve developed a formula for getting you back into your true nature. Back into complete control. Back into your Wheelhouse.


Men from around the country join my programs because they:

  • have felt alone & unaccounted for
  • are exhausted
  • could use a campfire and some fresh air
  • want to change for their future generations
  • know they’re made for more
I use the World Class Method, which is built for men like you that thrive best under intense levels of feedback, discipline, training, and accountability to doing and being your best, 100% of the time.



  • finally launched their “big idea”
  • healed their relationship with their father figures
  • forgiven themselves so they can move on
  • created their own measuring stick for success
  • cultivated their deepest purpose
  • magnetized their dream relationships
  • created real, deep brotherhood
  • nixed their anxiety
  • cleared their mental fog + depression
  • become experts articulators of their emotions
  • reconnected with their true identity
  • tapped back into their confidence 
  • developed more love for themselves 

This Method is now being offered in WHEELHOUSE - my 6-month journey for Retired Elite Athletes.



  • 12 Weekly Group Huddles per month. These are men’s group calls led by Q and expert facilitators with hot seat coaching and deep dives
  • Weekly Online Modules, with over 50 videos & downloadable resources, where you'll learn new tools + frameworks for emotional resilience & break thru unhelpful mental patterns
  • ONE Group of empowered men to learn and grow with, held tight by an accountability system and app for consistent feedback.
  • Lifetime Membership access all World Class Method™️ resources + bonuses
  • A warrior in your corner, committed to backing you up in going after your wildest dreams.

You get all of THIS and the confidence of a 1-month no-questions-asked money back guarantee.





  • You are a retired athlete balancing the stress of the real world & your own expectations.

  • You know you are meant for far more than your athletic career.
  • You are prepared to honestly examine all facets of your life, attitudes, and behaviors.

  • You have prior experience in personal growth, or feel a strong pull to dive in head first.

  • You are committed to being the most authentic version of yourself. Let go of all of the titles & achievements.

  • You’re willing to play all out in life outside fo sport.

  • You are willing to show up for other men in mutual support

  • You’re willing to put yourself first in order of priority and take care of yourself.

  • You want to win at work, at home, and everywhere else.

  • You're committed to being a World Class Man, a leader among men. 




Q. Williams is the Founder of World Class and a retired NCAA BIG TEN dual-sport athlete with a Master's in Sports Management.

He founded the World Class Method™️ out of a need to address the mental health and concussion crisis facing current and former athletes. 



- retired Big Ten football player -

I’m finally using the things I’m good at to benefit myself on multiple levels (personal, professional, emotional, spiritual). I feel leveled-up.

I loved connecting with other men and feeling a sense of community rooted in something deeper. 


- retired hockey player -

I wanted to find my direction in life after hockey and get back the mindset I used to have.

It's like a combination of a parent, best friend, sports coach, and therapist all in one.

If you’re stuck this may be the best decision that you can make.


- retired college football player -

Working with Q has been a game-changer.

I'd recommend it to anybody who feels comfortable and deep down knows they want something more.

 It's a no brainer, it'll be well worth it.




Opportunities for early action discounts, payment plans, and scholarships for those that apply. 

No refunds, as we only work with 100% committed individuals. 

Earlybird Applications Now Open

We begin January 2023