World Class Leadership Training is an international leadership development organization serving men and athletes.

Our mission is to empower individuals to succeed in every arena of life by training the intangibles and leveraging our World Class Method, which focuses on cultivation of core identity, vivid purpose, empathic communication, emotional resilience, and growth mindset development.

We've seen significant boosts in confidence, mental wellness, sense of identity, and feelings of worthiness (up to 100% increases, self-reported).




Private Coaching | one-on-one mentorship for men, athletes, and high performers. Limited scholarships available through our partnered nonprofits.

Group Coaching
| social learning programming aimed to provide an environment for identity cultivation, empathic communication, and true emotional transformation. Scholarships also available.


Consulting | we serve, coach, and develop athletic departments to evolve to support every facet of the modern athlete, mentally & emotionally beyond sports. Through a multi-pronged approach, we provide a 360 degree evaluation, roadmap, and full-service transformational programming at the collegiate, olympic, semi-professional, and professional levels.



Quentin (Q) Williams is a mindset coach and the creator of the World Class Method.  

Q was a 2-sport Division 1 athlete at Northwestern, where he holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management and became a Gator Bowl Champion. After sport he overcame years of Post-Concussion Syndrome by leveraging his own World Class Method. He went from feeling confused and angry about concussion to feeling lit up, clear eyed, and committed to thriving and making a world class impact on others along the same journey.