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This is an open letter to the man that knows he's made for more...

You've arrived at this page for a reason.

You’ve got a FIRE burning inside of you 🔥

It’s your passion, your emotion, your FUEL.

And it wants to be let out, with full vengeance.

It wants a voice, a channel, and an opportunity.

It wants to be seen, heard, and felt - fully.


And you know...

That if you could let that fire 🔥 out and let it build, your whole life would change.

You’d start that business.

You’d be more present with those you love.

You’d be even stronger mentally and emotionally.

You’d be unstoppable in your health goals.

You’d be unbeatable financially.

Your relationships would thrive.

You’d break free of any limitations.

You’d be lit up from the inside, out.


The issue we see today…

Is that ~98% of men are living with a bearable dissatisfaction in their hearts.


Does this sound like you?

You're living comfortably, yes.

—But you're maybe a little too comfortable.

You're successful, yes.

—But maybe not successful by your standards.

You've gotten good at "staying busy."

—But you're not sure what for

You're grateful for what you have.

—But you know you're made for more.


It’s time to STEP UP. OPEN UP. and MAN UP.

My name is Q. Williams

I’ve led over 1,000 men through the Man Up Formula over the past 5 years.

And every man has had certain patterns that hold them back (read above).

I’ve created a process that works for every man who’s committed. To reclaim their purpose and become the man they’ve always wanted to be.

Including YOU.

- Derrick, Man Up Member


  1. a brotherhood of men that step up, open up, and man up to their lives, because they know they’re made for more and they’re committed to making it happen.
  2. a safe space for honesty, authenticity, and self-expression, and an opportunity to let go of the stress and weight so many men carry
  3. a rich environment for growth & new possibilities, so men can make meaningful pivots with real accountability & support


Step up. 

Be your own man and plant your stake for what you're here to do and be on this earth. Live out your purpose.

Open Up.

Break free of your comfort zone. Get real, get honest, and let go of the stress and weight you’re carrying. Don’t lone-wolf it.

Man Up.

Create lasting authentic connections with other men & build brotherhood that challenges you to rise up as the greatest version of yourself. Stay rooted.


Weekly Online Roundtables

Commit to consistency. Break free of unhelpful stress patterns by practicing radical authenticity with other men.

  • Confidential & actionable
  • Build focus & resilience
  • Focused time for every man

Monthly Expert Workshops

Expand to your mental and emotional tool belt to enrich your vitality, clarity, and polarity in all arenas. 

  • New topics monthly
  • Hot-seat coaching and Q&A
  • Practical implementation


Bold Brotherhood

See what you’re made of. Join a team of men challenging each other to grow, sharpen, and embolden their lives, careers, & relationships.

  • Private group chat
  • Weekly actionable stretches
  • Bonus in-person events

Weekly Zoom Meetings are for 2 hours, Wednesdays at 5pm PST.

Your 3-month initial commitment sets the tone for the consistency and trust in the group. 

Missing a week is no big deal. We just ask that you check in with the group and state your needs. This community is here to support you however you see fit. 

Bonus community workshops & immersions are held in San Diego, CA ( and retreats are held across the country. 

This is a powerhouse group of men that are excited to meet you!

Join the brotherhood of men committed to thriving in every arena of their lives.



MAN UP is for you if you know...

  • the answer to overwhelm isn’t more work 🚫

    • You know the value to taking intentional time to reboot and recharge so you can be a ninja with your time, not a workhorse.
    • You follow the proverb, “If you don't have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours."
  • the power of investing in yourself 📈

    • You know your time and money could go towards most anything. But you know the value of putting YOURSELF first. Paying your future self first and creating a compounding effect.
    • You trust that you'll quickly be creating more impact with less effort, and leading your company and bringing in exponential resources.
    • You realize that a fire that is fueled can power a locomotive.
  • you're the king of your schedule 🗓

    • You know how to be assertive and compassionate when stating your needs and say NO to what doesn’t feel like a “f*ck yes” - because hesitation is a “No” - and you refuse to be a victim to your circumstances.
    • Life happens, and balance is key. When you fall off course once in a while, you get back on track and recommit. 
  • the 'right time' will never come ⏳

    •  You embrace imperfect action, and you know there will always be circumstances you could turn into excuses. But your desire to change is bigger than your fear of change.
    • You expect imperfection and know you'll make the most of any commitment you make.
    • You follow the ethos: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
  • the power of community 🤝

    • You love the flexibility that the virtual Man Up meetings offer: they save you time and energy to so you can to put the practices into action in your real life.
    • You value exposure to all types of men across the country and learning new ways of being a “man” today.
    • You look forward to our retreats to decompress, and have a blast together in unique and exciting destinations.

Join the brotherhood of men committed to thriving in every arena of their lives.



We're actively adding men, by application only


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